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What is broddling?tr (Yorkshire (Ackworth), dialect) to poke or pierce (something)
The craft of Broddling is to walk and poke hedgerows, undergrowth and undiscovered gems in the Yorkshire countryside using walking sticks.
The (Tongue in cheek) Rules of Broddling:

1)     No Broddler shall use a walking stick with a monetary value or worth greater than the cost of one pint of beer.

The Ackworth Broddler Coat of Arms

Image: The infamous Broddle Coat of Arms

2)     Should a Broddler break rule number 1) then for each £GBP over the above the aforementioned monetary value, then a 3 inch length of stick shall be removed from offending stick at the discretion of the Chief Broddler.

3)     For a Broddle to be entered into the club annals for distance related performance, then a minimum of 3 Broddle members must have taken part in the Broddle and independently confirmed the distance for it to be validated.

4)     The minimum distance between refreshment breaks on a Broddle is 3 miles.

5)     Junior Broddlers will not be allowed to wield sticks until deemed sufficiently trained in the art of Broddling. Final decision by discretion of the Chief Broddler

6)     Permission for members to Solo Broddle is by discretion of the Chief Broddler

7)     Permission for members to Internationally Broddle is by discretion of the Chief Broddler

8)     A Broddler should put the art of Broddling before all other activities. Members are expected to take time off from work, family and retirement activities in order to Broddle

9)     In order to be considered an active member of the Broddling community, members are expected to attend at least one Broddle per calendar month.

10)   Broddle on!

Competitive Broddling:


Broddling is a highly competitive past time. Usually disagreements between members are solved by sticks at dawn

As always, the final decision is at the discretion of the Chief Broddler. However, usually Broddling disagreements revolve around route choices or Leadership battles, so the Chief Broddler may not be the best candidate in this instance.

Broddling Correctly:


Once a Broddler has earned their stick it is important to choose one which is the correct size for the Broddler

If you have any doubts the Chief Broddler can help you make an informed decision on your stick choice (although to be fair the Chief Broddler’s stick is too long!)

Where can I Broddle?


You can Broddle anywhere!

However, Broddling began in the Village of Ackworth, near Pontefract in West Yorkshire, England. It started many years ago but was officially founded in the year 2012.

Ackworth is perfectly centrally located for long Broddles!

When can I Broddle?

You can Broddle anytime!

However, during summer months we generally meet at 6pm every Wednesday evening. We meet at the village green pavilion in High Ackworth, next to the Brown Cow Pub (which is the official Broddling refreshment stop)

What is the club called?

We are simply known as the Ackworth Broddlers ever since we were established in 2012. There is also an unaffiliated club known as the Ackworth Broddle Society, however we are the original Broddle club, and the two should not be confused with one another.

an ackworth broddle society member

How can I join?

Ask for Rice Krispy Joe in the Brown Cow pub, or Flounder Paul, who are both to be found most evenings propping up the bar with their sticks.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes! We are on Facebook,  please follow the link below or search Facebook for “Ackworth Broddlers”

So, what are all those rules about? It sounds a bit serious?!

Don’t worry, rest assured, it’s all about having fun. There are no rules and regulations really, all you need is a stick and the ability to Broddle!

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