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Correct Broddle Stick Length

A frequently asked question is, what height/ length should my Broddle stick be?

Well, you will be pleased to hear that the correct measurement to size up a Broddle stick is the distance between your hand and the ground. Our Chief Broddle’s recommend the following method of determining the correct height for a Broddle stick:

The Broddler should stand upright, in the type of Broddle boots they usually wear, with their left and right Broddling appendages hanging naturally by their sides. Another trusted Broddler should now turn the Broddle stick upside down (This is not classified as a drop stick), so that the Broddle stick handle is resting on the floor. Positioning the Broddle stick next to the user, a trusted senior Broddler should make a small mark on the shaft of the new Broddle stick – level with the bump at the bottom of the Broddler’s wrist bone. Using a small saw, cut the new Broddle stick at this point. This will mean that the Broddler’s arm will be slightly bent at the elbow when they hold the Broddle stick, and their shoulder will be level. A Broddle stick that is too long will force the shoulder unnaturally high. A Broddle stick that is too short will force the user to stoop.

If the Broddler is not present, for example if they are receiving their Broddle stick from the Chief Broddler for completing their initial Broddle quota, they can determine how long their Broddle stick should be by asking another person to measure the distance from their wrist bone to the floor. The Broddle stick user should ensure they are standing correctly i.e. standing upright, in the type of Broddle boots they usually wear, with their Broddling appendages hanging naturally by their sides.

Please note that this information is a guide only. Consult your doctor or Chief Broddle officer if you require specific Broddle stick advice.

Next Broddle – 6pm Wednesday 26th August!

See you at the Broddler’s Pavillion @6pm this Wednesday.

Route map will be posted here on completion.

This was a shorter route than Normal:

A Map of our Infamous Summer Solstice Broddle Route

Here is a map of our infamous Summer Solstice Broddle route. A great day out was had by all, with many refreshment breaks along the way!

Broddle on tonight. 6pm Monday 17th August 2015

Broddle on this evening. Meet at 6pm outside the Brown Cow.image008


This Broddle has now been completed. Here was our route: